Creation and Source energies

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This is to introduce an Energy Center aka ‘chakra’ clearing practice that will be entirely different from any that I know of. It is very important that this chapter series is completed before you begin the guided energy center clearing sessions that will be linked to this blog when they are made.

This introduction will be a discussion about concepts used throughout this energy clearing practice, that as far as I know are going to be unique and unlike any energy center clearing out there. 
Parts of this discussion will be re-definitions of words and concepts, that you may or may not be familiar with. Its is fine if you do not resonate with all information that is said in this.

After reading this in its entirety you will know if this practice is for you.

The purpose of this dialogue will be to help you - to develop - your own understanding about how important your personal energies are, and how you are a part of Creation. So lets get started an open this door to our whole se…

A Fine Line to Balance, Being Awake

What we are focused upon, we are thinking about, 
and our thoughts create how we feel in each and every moment.

  How we feel is expressed in a frequency that is very real in its impact on others and the world. It is felt in the tone of our voice, in our written words, and especially in how we choose to act or React to life. 

This is how we actively create our reality. 

  To add an additional layer of understanding the source of the frequencies we resonate out, they can also be from feelings we are experiencing sub-consciously, not just the conscious thoughts we are focused on and feeling.

  This is the simplest of truths that most do not really put into practical moment to moment application. How can we? So much is thrown at us every day! Its hard to stop yourself and breathe to allow awareness to return to the potent impact of our thoughts and feelings.

This blog posts intent is to put into our awareness the reasons why we need to really apply ourselves to how we can influence…

Shadow aspects & Energy Center clearing instructions

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Shadow aspects, doing shadow work, and energy center clearing instructions:

The sheep, the ‘sleepers’ are hypnotized by the matrix. They are plugged in by their own free-will of choice to not have a choice.

You cannot be hypnotized unless YOU WANT TO BE.

Hypnotherapists observe your speech, note your though-form patterns, combined with your body language, which tells of the deeper not said feelings under those figure out HOW YOU hypnotize yourself.

There is no reason why people who want to wake cannot do this for themselves. Mediation, self observance, journal-ling are all ways to begin to notice your thought-form programs.

Its a conscious choice we each alone can make.
We would not have been en-tranced to be in this matrix unless some part of us has been made susceptible to the matrix. 

These parts of us that are in a trance state are where our deepest wounds are. They are parts of we want to hide from our conscious as the memory of them is so traumatic, and…

Energy Centers and the Rainbow body formation

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Energy Centers and the Rainbow body formation explained:

Our bodies energy centers are actually powerful spiritual energy vortexes. Each hold a specific segment our soul’s whole self Spirits vibrational energetic spectrum.

These full spectrum of energies SPIRAL up and AROUND our bodies as they spin. Each one is an integral part of the next successive energy center as each one builds upon the next, and increases in their vibrational frequency range. It is their balanced flow that they are how our whole self Spirits energy is distributed and maintained for our soul here.

The energetic properties each energy center manifest as a form of Light. A type of a sound, tone or note. They each also denote a physical body area that is governed by that energy center.

Each of our energy centers are also linked to a plane of existence, or what some call a ‘dimension’. This is because each of our energy centers has a specific type of energy body that is native to that plane of existence w…